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About Us


Our Goals

We strive to produce only the highest quality puppies. We believe very strongly that there is a right way to breed. Health testing should be completed and breeding pairs should be carefully selected for desirable traits. This requires a lot of planning and thought. Even with careful selection not every puppy produced will be of show or breeding quality. This is why we require all of our puppies to be spayed or neutered. 

Who We Are


We are family run and our dogs are part of that family first and foremost. When I started Ridgeline Retrievers in 2015 my goal was to produce life long companions for families. I have four children who are very hands on in helping me care for the dogs and raise the puppies. 



What Makes Us Different


All of our puppies are raised right in our living room. They are handled from day one and we take great care in implementing the Puppy Culture protocols. We begin litter training the pups when they are old enough. This helps make potty training a breeze when the pups head home. All of our pups get introduced to water as soon as possible. When I can get bird feathers I introduce those as well! As part of the Puppy Culture program we begin clicker training, crate introductions, and early socialization. 

We have had a few puppies go on to do service work, plenty of amazing hunters, and beautiful companions. 



Breed Standard

Labs come in three colors. Yellow, which can range from fox-red to a light cream. Chocolate, which can also vary in shade from light to dark, and black. We adhere strictly to this standard and all of are breeding stock is tested to be dilute free! 

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